Foresight Imaging Introduces TIMS 2000 SP


(New Orleans, LA – November 19, 2009) Foresight Imaging introduces the TIMS 2000 SP, a TIMS DICOM System designed specifically for the requirements of speech pathology, at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association exhibition in New Orleans.  The TIMS 2000 SP builds upon the success of the TIMS 2000 for speech pathology, adding synced audio capture and the ability to display all series descriptions for the study at a glance.

“The TIMS 2000 SP further solidifies the TIMS DICOM System as the system of choice for speech pathologists world-wide.  The TIMS 2000 SP is the result of our work with many speech pathologists to add the features that they request.  The addition of synced audio in DICOM format, combined with the high resolution 1024 x 1024 video and simple study editing and analysis speeds the workflow for speech pathologists and improves overall patient care,” said Tony Molinari, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Foresight Imaging.

About the TIMS DICOM System for speech pathology applications
The TIMS DICOM System is the ideal system for speech pathology offering the below capabilities:

  • Record the entire procedure:  TIMS records the entire swallow study and makes it available for immediate review.
  • High resolution:  TIMS records at high resolution (1024 x 1024) for superior image quality.  No longer do you have to sacrifice image quality for convenience.
  • Synced audio:  Record and review synced audio with high resolution video.
  • Instant access:  TIMS provides instant access to your studies.  There is no rewinding or fast-forwarding the tape or DVD.  Just click and you are there – immediately.
  • Viewer & timer:  TIMS provides a free DICOM Viewer with a stopwatch timer in the 100s of a second for timing swallow events.
  • Record to CD/DVD/USB/Network:  TIMS records your speech pathology studies to CD/DVD/USB/network with the TIMS Viewer for immediate review on your computer.
  • DICOM format:  All studies are in the medical industry-standard DICOM format.
  • DICOM send:  TIMS can send studies or even portions of the studies to PACS so that you can have a permanent archive on PACS.
  • Editing:  TIMS allows simple and easy editing of studies.
  • Cost effective:  TIMS is inexpensive allowing for affordability in even the smallest of budgets.

About Foresight Imaging

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