New PACS Connectivity Workstation for TIMS

(Lowell, MA – November 7, 2005) Foresight Imaging introduces a powerful new computer platform for the TIMS DICOM System. The new TIMS computer workstation is custom-designed with off-the-shelf components to provide an ultra-small footprint to fit in virtually any medical environment. The system measures 3.5″ high by 12.25″ wide by 9.75″ deep and weighs only 12 pounds. The system also adds a larger hard drive (120 GB), 10/100/1000 Mbit network, 802.11G wireless network, and an auto-switching power supply.

About TIMS, the PACS Connectivity Solution

The TIMS DICOM System is a fully configured workstation that solves a common problem in hospitals today: their DICOM PACS systems are unable to communicate with their analog medical devices. With the TIMS simple, easy-to-use interface, hospitals can quickly and easily convert their studies to DICOM and have them available for viewing and storage on their PACS systems. Each TIMS system is a DICOM gateway allowing it to receive as well as send DICOM studies. TIMS is multi-modality and can acquire from all analog video and DICOM modalities including ultrasound, CT, MR, endoscopy, angiography, and more. Once the images or video streams are acquired and converted to DICOM, they are instantly available for viewing, simple image processing, DICOM send, DICOM print, PostScript print, or CD/DVD burning. A free DICOM viewer is available and can be automatically written to each disc. A small footprint computer running Windows XP Professional powers the TIMS DICOM System. One year of service and maintenance is included with each TIMS purchase.

About Foresight Imaging

Foresight Imaging is a world leader in the design of high accuracy, high performance video streamers, frame grabbers, imaging portal hardware, and collaboration software for the medical imaging market. For further information, visit or email

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