Version 2.1 Features

The TIMS v2.1 software release provides several new features that were specifically requested
by our customers to improve their workflow.

Below are some of the new features in TIMS v2.1:

  • DICOM send selected views (portions of a study
  • DICOM send selected views (portions of a study)
  • Stopwatch timer in advanced viewer (requested by speech pathologists for timing swallows)
  • A new editing model to make editing studies easier and faster
  • More pre-defined lists:  study description, referring physician,performing physician
  • Improved channel configuration setup
  • Re-naming and copying of channels
  • New study based on a current study’s patient demographics (cloning a study)
  • Invert images
  • DMWL query using a date range
  • Log file improvements
  • and more…

All of our TIMS DICOM System customers with current Support & Maintenance contracts can download and install the new software version and take advantage of these new features.  Please email us at for the status of your Support & Maintenance contract and for instructions on upgrading.