Version 2.2 Features

The TIMS v2.2 software release provides several new features that were specifically requested by our customers to improve their workflow and productivity.

Below are some of the new features in TIMS v2.2:

  • Synced audio capture & playback fully conforming to the DICOM specification (TIMS 2000 SP only)
  • DMWL workflow improvements
  • Manual Update Patient Information:  Allows the editing of patient information and DICOM tags of a saved study (password protected).  Can be used to correct patient name and other coding errors.
  • Import JPEG 2000 image files and convert to DICOM
  • Export to BMP & PNG
  • DICOM send lists:  for sending DICOM studies to more than one PACS destination with a single click
  • Editing improvements:  faster editing and more visual information about ranges and more keyboard shortcuts
  • Info button added in Advanced Viewer and Viewer to “pop up” study information
  • DICOM print toolbar icon
  • Print overlay improvements
  • Calendar picker in DMWL & DICOM Query/Retrieve screens
  • “Play All” feature in Advanced Viewer and Viewer for speech pathology applications:  allows with one click to play the entire study (just like a VCR) automatically from Series to Series
  • Audible sound on keyboard trigger preference
  • DICOM print:  more paper sizes allowed
  • More options for high/low watermark preference for study size management
  • Series Description overlay in Advanced Viewer and Viewer
  • Find DICOM tag by name and tag number in Channel Configuration
    Message displayed if NUM LOCK or CAPS LOCK is on when password dialog is visible
  • And more…

All of our TIMS DICOM System customers with current Support & Maintenance contracts can download and install the new software version and take advantage of these new features. Please email us at for the status of your Support & Maintenance contract and for instructions on upgrading.