Version 3.2 Features

Version 3.2 of the TIMS DICOM System released December 11, 2015!

Among the new features in v3.2 are:telestrations

  • Display-only, graphic telestrations (freehand, lines, arrowed lines, ellipse, rectangle) in various colors over video and images in the Advanced Viewer. Screen Shot
  • The ability to use the Advanced Viewer at all times, including Record Mode, for review & analysis. Screen Shot
  • Archive multiple studies to individual folders for a quick and organized manner to backup studies to a networked drive. Screen Shot
  • Configurable study timer as “recorded time” or “elapsed time”. Screen Shot
  • Stop watch timer & study timer now in thousandths of a second. Screen Shot
  • Improved workflow for Series Description annotation: move from Series to Series (previous/next) and play/pause/scrub video & audio from within the labeling dialog box so that the entire study can be annotated/labeled without leaving the dialog box. Screen Shot
  • Save current study’s Series Descriptions to a text file. Then it can be saved & printed for reference. Screen Shot 1  Screen Shot 2
  • Save an area of interest (AOI) for exporting images or views. For example, this allows patient information on the edges of the image to be removed when exporting an image or video for presentations. Screen Shot 1  Screen Shot 2
  • Series Description Quick Keys for setting up frequently used labels to be set quickly using the keyboard. Screen Shot
  • Extract Image: copies current image and inserts at end of study as a new Series. Screen Shot
  • Frame Range Editing workflow improvements. Screen Shot
  • Change Archive Study icon tool & menu item to include four modes: Write to CD/DVD as DICOM files, Write to CD/DVD as AVI files, Write to Folder as DICOM files, Write to Folder as AVI files. Screen Shot
  • Configure View Descriptions addition to allow just the Series number or Series number plus the actual Series Description to display (i.e. “4” or “4: Thin Liquid”). Screen Shot
  • Audible trigger option for all acquisition types including keyboard, mouse, and automated triggering. Screen Shot
  • WMV file import. Screen Shot
  • Extended capture after a stop trigger event (setting in number of frames). Screen Shot
  • Ability to define a list of Operator’s Names to pick from in the Patient Information window. Screen Shot
  • And much more!

For current TIMS customers looking to upgrade to the new TIMS v3.x hardware platform, please contact your TIMS sales representative. Or email us using the Contact Us form.