Version 3.3 Features

Version 3.3 of the TIMS DICOM System & TDRS released November 2017!

Among the new features in v3.3 are:

  • Windows 10 support
  • Number of studies and available hard drive space displayed in the title bar of the Study List. Screen Shot
  • Option to export image and view from the Advanced Viewer with telestrations (much like with Area of Interest). Screen Shot
  • Label changes to Frame Range Editing buttons to make more descriptive. Screen Shot
  • Red border around Live Preview Window, via Preference, when capturing video. Screen Shot
  • View Deletion: Now available “Mark View to Delete”. Available in File Menu, right click menu, and in the Edit Series Description window. Screen Shot
  • Ability to change the Study Date & Study Time of a study in Update Patient Information.
  • Default of the DMWL query window is now wider to better show Study Description entry.
  • DICOM Send Service & DICOM Storage Commit now implemented as Windows Services.
  • Auto-deletion, via Preference, of very short audio files. Screen Shot
  • Number of Views supported increased to 175.
  • Small window dialog box implemented when doing Send Study with multiple DICOM send destinations available. Screen Shot
  • Preference for numbers of Views across on Study Open. Screen Shot
  • Automatically truncate when Series Description or Study Description entry exceeds 64 characters. Screen Shot
  • New DICOM Viewer for 1080p 30 fps playback. Screen Shot

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