Version 2.4 Features


The TIMS v2.4 software release is our most comprehensive and advanced new software release. It provides several new features and capabilities designed to improve your workflow and productivity, especially for those in speech pathology and endoscopy applications. Please see below for the details on the release as well as links to video descriptions and demonstrations of the new features.

Major New Features:
Windows Print Improvements (mostly for endoscopy) (Demo 1024×768, Demo 640×480)
  • Ability to print Series Description contents instead of Series number only
  • Indication in View (P) that an image or images are in the print layout
  • Menu item to add all images to Print layout
  • Print overlay setup controls, printer header setup controls, printer margin control
Organizational changes (Demo 1024×768, Demo 640×480)
  • Preferences re-organized with “tree” interface, searchable by keyword
  • Open Studies List re-organized: lock studies, auto-close study list, more study list entries (compression type, accession number, lock, storage commit)
  • Menus re-organized
Other new features (Demo 1024×768, Demo 640×480)
  • DMWL multiple modality query
  • Drag & drop image files & folders for import into a study (great for dermatology & pathology applications)
  • Image rotation (permanent or display only)
  • Copy image to Clipboard for quick & easy image import to other programs
  • Apply View settings to all, save for future use
  • Pre-Defined Lists: import/export of CSV files for physician names
  • View Study Statistics: in Window menu item. Preference to calculate.
Fluoro-TRACE (Demo 1024×768, Demo 640×480)
  • Fluoro-TRACE: save Text Annotations list for quick & easy insertion on live video
Long Study Recording (Demo 1024×768, Demo 640×480)
  • Configurable limits for View frame capture length & full study frame capture length. Once configurable limit is reached, study is saved, then a new study is created using New Study Based On feature so that study can be continued immediately.
  • Default stream capture duration setting. Excellent for recording clinical studies from VCR tapes.
Archiving (Demo 1024×768, Demo 640×480)
  • Configure CD/DVD volume labels
  • Confidentiality warning when archiving to media

All of our TIMS DICOM System customers with current Support & Maintenance contracts can download and install the new software version and take advantage of these new features. Please email us at for the status of your Support & Maintenance contract and for instructions on upgrading.