Version 3.1.7400 Features

TIMS DICOM System v3.1.7400

TIMS version 3.1.7400 is a new upgrade available for all TIMS DICOM System and TIMS DICOM Review Software (TDRS) users currently on TIMS version 3.0 and higher. The upgrades are available to all TIMS users with version 3.0 and higher and is available for download by all users with current TIMS Support & Maintenance contracts. Please contact your sales representative ( for further information.

The New Features in v3.1.7400 Include:
  • User logins with Microsoft ActiveDirectory integration
  • Frame Range Editing workflow improvements
    • Retention of chosen View size when moving from View to View
    • Better arrangement of buttons with ToolTips
  • MPEG2/4 import with audio
  • AVI import with audio
  • New Preview Window mode with smaller user interface to show lines of video in large Preview Window mode
  • DICOM Receive Service (DRS) improvements for better performance with TDRS
  • Advanced Viewer improvements in setting retention
  • Mouse wheel use in the Advanced Viewer
  • Archive to Network folder naming option added: Study Date + Patient ID + Last Name
  • Refresh color changed from red to yellow
  • Prompt on closing of unsaved study changed to “Save / Don’t Save / Cancel”
  • DICOM Send Dialog pop-up made larger and centered
  • Open Study changed to Open Study List
  • Amend Descriptions tool bar icon added
  • Index number added as left most column in Study List
  • Right click menu items re-grouped
  • Select previous versions of studies in More button in Study List
Preference Additions/changes
  • Remove 20%, 30%, 40% from the high/low watermark study deletion function
  • Maximum study count in Study List prior to deletion
  • Always select original channel for editing of the study
  • Do not scroll Views during Record Mode
  • Reset Views to X across during Record Mode when Preview Window re-opens
  • Auto-Refresh the Study List
  • Improved rapid trigger handling

Note: TIMS v3.1 is available only for TIMS systems running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit operating system. For current TIMS users running the Windows XP platform, please contact a TIMS sales representative.

For current TIMS customers looking to upgrade to the new TIMS v3.x hardware platform, please contact your TIMS sales representative. Or email us using the Contact Us form.