TIMS Medical Releases TIMS Consultant 3.0

(Chicago, IL – November 29, 2015) The TIMS Medical division of Foresight Imaging announces the release of TIMS Consultant 3.0 which provides a powerful upgrade of the TIMS Consultant platform that enables “a second set of eyes and ears” (or more) on any surgery or diagnostic imaging procedure in real-time. This upgrade provides “push” and “pull” workflow models, multi-party audio over IP, switching between video sources in one OR (i.e. endoscopy & fluoroscopy), long format recording, the real-time sharing of recorded teaching files, and much more. With TIMS Consultant, radiologists can be more productive and patient-centric by participating in any radiology procedure as it happens without ever leaving the reading room. Real-time video and audio is streamed directly to the desktop computer, laptop, or tablet TIMS Consultant thin client application which runs on a simple web browser with nothing to ever install.

About TIMS Consultant

TIMS Consultant is a patented platform for the real-time streaming of multiple medical imaging sources over networks. TIMS Consultant allows multiple medical professionals to consult and collaborate on any surgery or diagnostic imaging procedure. Users see the high resolution video and participate in the audio conference in real-time. Users can graphically telestrate on the video to emphasize their points of view. Video sessions can be recorded and used as teaching files to present to multiple parties as part of a TIMS Consultant session. The “host” can even switch between real-time video from a surgery and teaching files. All viewing and participation is done over networks (LAN, WAN, & internet) and via a thin web client with nothing ever to install on the client computers.

Applications include:
– Intra-operative surgical consulting
– Mentoring and guidance for residents & interns at teaching hospitals
– Real-time ultrasound viewing by radiologists at any time without ever leaving the reading room
– Interventional radiology collaboration between hospitals
– Remote fluoroscopy consulting by radiologists
– Live participation in endoscopy procedures by pathologists
– Collaboration from the main hospital in cases at remote surgery centers
– Real-time mentoring and collaboration in international cases
– Live, remote robotic surgery proctoring
– And much more…

About TIMS Medical & Foresight Imaging

TIMS Medical is a division of Foresight Imaging focused on finished medical devices for DICOM & PACS connectivity, speech pathology review & analysis, endoscopy connectivity, medical video distribution, and real-time medical imaging consulting & collaboration. For further information, visit www.tims.com or email info@tims.com.

Foresight Imaging is a world leader in the design of high accuracy, high performance video streamers, frame grabbers, & medical imaging hardware and software. Foresight Imaging video acquisition boards are the imaging engines of many finished medical devices and military imaging systems in use throughout the world.

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