TIMS SurgiTools™


Surgical Mentoring with the TIMS Consultant

  • Works with TIMS Consultant
  • Graphical simulation of surgical tools & techniques over live surgical video
  • Record surgical segments & entire surgeries
  • Use surgical recordings as teaching files in later TIMS Consultant sessions
  • Demonstrate technique to residents,fellows, & other surgeons from anywhere on the network or internet
  • Robotic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, & all surgery
  • Multiple clients
  • Perfect for teaching hospitals & proctoring of intraoperative live video

TIMS SurgiTools™ is a patent-pending technology for the graphical simulation of surgical tools, including robotic surgery tools, over live video for use with the TIMS Consultant® distributed system for live collaboration. Remote physicians and participants can demonstrate surgical techniques using the provided graphical SurgiTools over the live video from an actual surgical procedure. The live, intraoperative video with SurgiTools graphics can be seen on a TIMS Consultant Client video screen in the operating room or via the picture-in-picture interface of surgical devices, all in real-time. Multiple parties can participate in the TIMS Consultant session. Users can pass control to each other so that only one of the remote users is providing graphical feedback using the SurgiTools at a time. All participants view the live video, SurgiTools graphics, and telestrations in real-time. All transmissions are secure, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant. Multi-party audio communication is included.

If authorized, the entire surgical video can be recorded for later archival, retrieval, and playback. Segments of the video can be
extracted and used as teaching files to be played back to participants in the TIMS Consultant session, or at a future session.
Applications include robotic surgery telementoring, surgical mentoring programs, and fellowship programs at teaching hospitals for any surgical specialty.


Downloads and Links
TIMS SurgiTools™ Datasheet
PDF (968 KB)