• TIMS Saves Time: Studies from all modalities are instantly available on PACS for review. Allows remote consultation via the TIMS Consultant.
  • TIMS Improves Patient Record Portability: A CD/DVD of the study can be provided to the patient immediately after the study.
  • TIMS Helps With Teaching & Presenting: Allows for the export of studies or portions of studies to AVI & JPG for use in presentations & reports.

Hundreds of physicians around the world are taking advantage of the time saving advantages of TIMS.  Studies from any modality are immediately available for review and analysis on PACS.  Physicians can provide the patient or a referring physician a copy of the study on CD/DVD, right at the point of care.  Additionally, many physicians publish papers, presentations, and reports.  With TIMS, JPG images and AVI streams can be exported for integration with standard PC programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Adobe Premier, and others.