About Us


Mission Statement – The mission of Foresight Imaging is to provide innovative solutions for medical imaging applications. These solutions save hospitals money with reduced capital equipment purchases, improved efficiency, and reduced disposable costs.

What We Do – Foresight Imaging is the world leader in the design and application of high-accuracy, high-performance video streamers and frame grabbers. More than 90,000 of our imaging boards are now in use worldwide. Foresight Imaging is known for unsurpassed image accuracy, high performance video streaming, and connectivity to any and all medical video signals. Foresight Imaging is also an innovator in PACS connectivity hardware and software for all fields of medical imaging. Our products are in use at elite medical centers, community hospitals, and clinics around the world.

Building upon our unsurpassed image capture technologies, Foresight Imaging developed the TIMS DICOM System: the most complete non-DICOM to DICOM solution for any medical modality. This small footprint, network-ready workstation combines our core image quality technology with FDA 510(k)-accredited image acquisition software. It represents the most advanced PACS connectivity system available and has even been demonstrated by NASA for its remote diagnostic capabilities.

Who We Are – Foresight Imaging’s history dates back to 1985. Below are some milestones in the company’s history:

1985: Company founded in Woburn, MA, as Imagraph.
1985: Designs first high resolution display card for medical imaging.
1988: Designs first high resolution video capture board.
1995: Company acquired by Lumisys.
1998: Company designs first high speed video streaming board for medical imaging.
1999: Imagraph senior management team acquires assets of Imagraph from Lumisys and forms Foresight Imaging.
2003: Foresight introduces revolutionary AccuStream 170 board for high speed video streaming from high resolution RGB, monochrome, and DVI video sources.
2004: Foresight acquires the assets of TIMS, Inc. Introduces TIMS DICOM System in June 2004.
2005: Foresight introduces new TIMS computer platform significantly reducing the size and weight of the system.
2006: Foresight introduces TIMS DICOM Gateway software only solution to target dermatology, pathology, and ophthalmology markets.
2007: Foresight announces completion of 25 unit TIMS installation at Baptist Health and 35 unit TIMS installation with Panama Ministry of Health.
2008: Foresight ships TIMS version 2.1 upgrade with significant improvements to target the speech pathology market.
2009: Foresight introduces AccuStream Express 170, their first PCIe based high performance frame grabber & video streamer; ships TIMS version 2.2.
2010: Foresight creates TIMS Medical products division; ships TIMS version 2.3; ships TIMS Consultant product; ships TIMS Fluoro-TRACE product.
2011: Foresight introduces AccuStream Express HD+ PCIe based frame grabber & video streamer as “all-in-one” product for virtually any video signal acquisition with one product.
2012: TIMS Medical ships TIMS version 2.4.
2013: TIMS Medical ships TIMS version 3.0; introduces 6000 Series TIMS DICOM System.
2014: TIMS Medical ships TIMS version 3.2.
2015: TIMS Medical ships 3000th system.
2016: TIMS Medical introduces 7000 Series TIMS DICOM System.
2017: TIMS Medical ships version 3.3.
2018: TIMS Medical ships 4000th system. TIMS Medical completes a 23 system installation for the Presbyterian Hospital Group in Albuquerque, New Mexico.