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Educational Articles

Below are a collection of educational articles covering various medical imaging topics ranging from the importance of standards in performing diagnostic imaging,
frame rates, high resolution, radiation exposure, and a series regarding “Telemedicine Reimagined”.  We welcome your feedback and comments at info@tims.com.

“Telemedicine Reimagined” Series

Telemedicine Reimagined | Telemedicine: Much More Than Doctor-Patient Video Visits

Telemedicine Reimagined | Telemedicine: Telesurgery + Remote Collaboration

Telemedicine Reimagined | Telemedicine: Reinventing SODTO-Medical Education

Telemedicine Reimagined | Northwestern University Telemedicine Innovation Profile

Telemedicine Reimagined | Streaming Video in Surgical Training: Facilitates Standardization, Acquisition of Experience and Knowledge

Importance of Standards in Diagnostic Imaging

Effects of Pulse Rate on Judgments of Swallowing Impairment and Treatment Recommendations

Can We Use Pulsed Fluoroscopy to Decrease Radiation?

Understanding Modified Barium Swallow Study Image Recording Systems