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Celebrating “Better Hearing and Speech Month” With New Tools for Speech-Language Pathologists

Article 11 in the “Reimagining Telemedicine” series
by Mark Mariotti
(President and CEO, TIMS Medical) 

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While it’s likely the general populace may not know this:

May is Better Hearing and Speech month  (#BHSM) – time to call public attention to the wide range of hearing and speech disorders experienced by thousands of Americans.

BHSM also includes a month-long celebration of medical professionals who diagnose and treat those conditions: audiologists, speech-language pathologists (SLPs), and others.

As a provider of a medical video platform operating in thousands of hospitals across the nation – our company TIMS Medical, is laser-focused on developing technologies that help improve the workflow of Speech-Language Pathologists, while also improving the quality of evaluations and treatments they provide to patients.

Coinciding with the recognition of BHSM, this month TIMS Medical is also celebrating the release of TIMS MVP 4.5, the latest iteration of our flagship product for recording, editing, reviewing, and archiving medical imaging studies in high resolution video with synced audio.

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Speech-Language Pathologists using TIMS MVP 4.5 to diagnose dysphagia during a FEES study.

TIMS MVP 4.5 is now available to customers performing Modified Barium Swallow (MBS), Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES), and general endoscopy studies.

TIMS MVP 4.5 adds new capabilities for standardized scoring (MBSImP, DIGEST, PAS, FOIS), measurement, live streaming video for collabortion, and other workflow improvements to the list of sophisticated tools that thousands of Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), radiologists, and other medical professionals rely on daily for recording, reviewing, editing, and diagnosing imaging studies of patients with speech and swallowing disorders.

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TIMS Connect (a component of TIMS MVP 4.5) enables live-streaming video for remote, real-time collaboration on any medical procedure(e.g., speech language pathology, endoscopy, surgery), as well as for medical education and training.

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Please visit https://tims.com/ to read more on the new features and capabilities made possible through TIMS MVP 4.5 for improved diagnosis, monitoring, scoring, remote collaboration amongst Speech-Language Pathologists, and live video/audio interactions with surgeons, students, researchers, and others.

Stay tuned for more from TIMS Medical during Better Hearing and Speech Month!

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This original article Celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month with New Tools for Speech-Language Pathologists” is the eleventh in a series of educational “Telemedicine Reimagined” articles published by TIMS Medical, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA USA). 

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