TIMS Medical

Case Study


Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System
Spartanburg, SC


FEES Study Recording & Archiving


Problem: FEES Study Recording & Secure Enterprise Availability

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System's Speech-Language Pathology department provides expert diagnoses of swallowing disorders through both MBSS and FEES procedures. Their FEES system recording device only allowed the videos to be saved locally on the FEES cart or to USB drives, creating an inefficient workflow and potential removeable media risk. When physicians or other staff needed to review saved videos, they had to visit the speech office in person and ask an SLP to go through the time-consuming process of manually retrieving and playing it. Spartanburg sought a solution to address this cumbersome workflow. Specifically, the hospital wanted to upload the FEES studies directly to their PACS for review and evaluation by therapists, ENT physicians, and radiologists throughout the enterprise. Given their satisfaction with a TIMS System currently in place for recording MBS studies, they hoped to replicate that efficient workflow for their FEES studies.


Solution: TIMS MVP and TIMS Review®

Today, through Spartanburg's deployment of an additional TIMS MVP System for FEES, the procedures are captured bedside in high-resolution 30 fps color, with synchronized audio, then uploaded to PACS where they are immediately available to staff across the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System. The included TIMS Review software enables SRHS clinicians to edit, annotate, review, and analyze video (from both FEES and MBS studies) on several desktop computers in the speech office. This improved workflow helps Spartanburg consolidate their MBS and FEES imagery into a single, secure imaging platform. "The addition of TIMS MVP has been very valuable to our department. It has given us unprecedented capabilities to capture, store and share FEES videos; as well as streamlining our workflow, making us more efficient and effective -- ultimately leading to improved patient care and outcomes," said Elizabeth Kay Hill, Acute Care OT/SLP Manager at Spartanburg Regional Healthcare.