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Company Overview

About TIMS Medical

TIMS Medical, a division of Foresight Imaging LLC, is dedicated to providing innovative medical imaging solutions to help hospitals and other health care providers increase productivity, enhance physician real-time collaboration, and improve connectivity between medical devices and clinical imaging archives. 


Our products help reduce capital expenditures, improve patient outcomes, and reduce inefficiencies. From our first DICOM connectivity product release in 2004 to our latest TIMS MVP 4.0 release in 2020, we have continually delivered productive solutions based on the feedback and needs of our customers to solve their connectivity and clinical requirements. 


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About Foresight Imaging LLC

Foresight Imaging was established in 1999 as an OEM provider of high accuracy, high performance video acquisition board for medical and defense imaging applications. More than 95,000 of our imaging boards are in use worldwide in systems such as cardiac catherization labs, urodynamics, spine surgery, ultrasound analysis, vascular imaging, flight simulation, military command & control, remote monitoring, and much more. 


Foresight Imaging is know for unsurpassed image accuracy, high performance video streaming, and connectivity to any and all medical video signals. Foresight Imaging began shipping finished medical devices for DICOM connectivity in 2004 and established a medical device division, TIMS Medical, in 2010 to focus on the delivery of medical devices for high resolution video recording, PACS/VNA connectivity, high performance editing, and real-time physician collaboration.

Who We Are
TIMS Medical’s history date back to 1985. Below are some milestones in the company’s history:

1985: Company founded in Woburn, MA, as Imagraph Corporation.

1985: Designs first high resolution display card for medical imaging.

1988: Designs first high resolution video capture board.

1995: Company acquired by Lumisys Inc.

1998: Company designs first high-speed video streaming board for medical imaging, the I-Series.

1999: Imagraph senior management team acquires assets of Imagraph from Lumisys and forms Foresight Imaging LLC.

2001: Foresight begins delivering video capture boards to several customers for voyage data recorders (black boxes for ships) and ultimately delivers several thousand boards for this application.

2003: Foresight introduces revolutionary AccuStream 170 board for high speed video streaming from high resolution RGB, monochrome, and DVI video sources.

2004: Foresight acquires the assets of TIMS, Inc. Introduces TIMS DICOM System in June 2004.

2005: Foresight introduces new TIMS computer platform significantly reducing the size and weight of the system.

2006: Foresight introduces TIMS DICOM Gateway software only solution to target dermatology, pathology, and ophthalmology markets.

2007: Foresight announces completion of 25 unit TIMS installation at Baptist Health and 35 unit TIMS installation with Panama Ministry of Health.

2008: Foresight ships TIMS version 2.1 upgrade with significant improvements to target the speech pathology market.

2009: Foresight introduces AccuStream Express 170, their first PCIe based high performance frame grabber & video streamer; ships TIMS version 2.2. Introduces TIMS DICOM Review Software for speech pathology market to improve efficiency of fluoroscopy suites and allow labeling and editing of studies from the speech pathology office.

2010: Foresight creates TIMS Medical products division; ships TIMS version 2.3; ships TIMS Consultant product; ships TIMS Fluoro-TRACE product.

2011: Foresight introduces AccuStream Express HD+ PCIe based frame grabber & video streamer as “all-in-one” product for virtually any video signal acquisition with one product.

2012: TIMS Medical ships TIMS version 2.4.

2013: TIMS Medical ships TIMS version 3.0; introduces 6000 Series TIMS DICOM System.

2014: TIMS Medical ships TIMS version 3.2.

2015: TIMS Medical ships 3000th system.

2016: TIMS Medical introduces 7000 Series TIMS DICOM System. Foresight acquires EZ PIC system assets from Perkins Healthcare Inc.

2017: TIMS Medical ships version 3.3. Opens office in Orlando, FL, area.

2018: TIMS Medical ships 4000th system. TIMS Medical completes a 23 system installation for the Presbyterian Hospital Group in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Introduces TIMS Consultant 2.0 with enhanced real-time collaboration features.

2019:  TIMS Medical ships version 3.3.4000 with enhanced study labeling features. Ships TIMS Consultant version 2.3 with recording and editing features. Opens office in Dallas, TX.

2020:  TIMS Medical ships 5000th system. Ships TIMS MVP 4.0, the 4th generation of our industry leading solution for MBSS, FEES, and endoscopy recording. Ships TIMS Consultant 3.0 with enhanced telestrations, Active Directory, and USB camera/endoscope support. Foresight introduces newest video capture boards, the AccuStream 1000 & AccuStream 1000 SDI.

2021:  TIMS Medical releases TIMS MVP v4.2 including DICOM send in MP4 format to better support long format studies (general endoscopy and surgery). Resumes trade show schedule exhibiting at ASHA and RSNA.

2022:  TIMS Medical releases TIMS MVP v4.5 including integrated scoring and rating for industry standard protocols (MBSImP, DIGEST, PAS, FOIS, custom), measurement tools, DICOM query/retrieve, USB video acquisition (accommodates newer USB study endoscopes, webcams, and surgical cameras), additional telestration tools, and more sorting and labeling options. Releases TIMS Connect software module for real-time streaming of a live study and a camera view over the hospital network to enable real-time clinical collaboration over networks. Resumes full trade show schedule including 11 medical industry events.

2023:  TIMS Medical releases TIMS MVP 4.6 including MP4 to JPG conversion in DICOM send for compatibility with PACS systems that do not support MP4 DICOM yet, enhanced editing model with subclip and compound clip creation, video saturation adjustment, side-by-side study comparison, and automatic black frame elimination for MBS studies.