TIMS Medical

EZ PIC Upgrade to TIMS MVP


Trade-in your old Perkins EZ PIC system for a new TIMS MVP system! 

Disadvantages of your EZ PIC:

  1. Non-diagnostic quality:  All video is scaled from the diagnostic quality high resolution 1024 x 1024 video to low quality 800 x 600 video. The result is a loss of video data.

  2. Poor, inefficient workflow:  Limited review and analysis capabilities and no ability to work with your studies from the speech pathology office. Results in more time spent in the fluoroscopy suite, limited efficiency and workflow.

  3. Outdated technology:  Old hardware and software made by different companies, and runs on unsupported Windows XP or Windows 7.

  4. Unsupported & End of Life

Upgrading to TIMS provides you:

  1. Diagnostic quality video:  All video is acquired at the native, high resolution 1024 x 1024 video providing you with the same video quality as on the fluoroscopy room monitor. This results in the highest quality video data for your review and diagnosis.

  2. Efficient workflow:  Extensive review, labeling, editing, & analysis functionality. And all of this is available from the remote TDRS software in the speech pathology office.  This results in more studies per day for the fluoroscopy suite and more efficient workflows for speech pathology.

  3. Modern technology:  Integrated software and hardware from TIMS Medical running on the latest technology and Windows 10 operating system.

  4. Fully supported & maintained solution

Two Trade-In Options

  • Trade-in your EZ PIC system for a TIMS 2000 SP & TDRS at a reduced cost and keep your current monitor, or keep your current monitor and mobile cart.


  • Trade-in your EZ PIC system for a complete TIMS 2000 SP Package
    or TIMS 2000 SP Mobile Cart Package at a discount.