Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to do in order to support the new Daylight Savings Time changes on my TIMS DICOM System?

For Daylight Savings Time compatibility with the TIMS DICOM System, customers should follow the steps and apply the patches as outlined in the Microsoft DST Bulletin:

What is the maximum acquisition size of a Series and of a Study?

The maxiumum acquisition size of a Series is 2 GB. The maximum acquisition size of a Study is 8 GB. It is difficult to predict for how many minutes TIMS can acquire for a Series or Study. This is because Study size is dependent on image resolution (i.e. 512×512, 1024×1024), frame rate (i.e. 30 frames per second, 15 frames per second), color space (monochrome or 24 bit color), and compression (none, lossy compression, lossless compression). Nonetheless, TIMS can acquire for minutes at a time. Whatever your study length, you can be confident that TIMS can acquire the entire stud

Does TIMS come with Support and Maintenance?

Yes, every TIMS comes with one year of Support and Maintenance. Details are as follows:TIMS Factory Support & Maintenance: One year of TIMS support and maintenance is provided with each TIMS DICOM System purchase. This includes technical support via telephone, email, and online during normal business hours (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST). In the unlikely event of a system failure, a two business day system replacement warranty is provided. Software upgrades as available are accessible via online download in the first year. TIMS Factory Support & Maintenance can be purchased for additional years. Onsite service plans are available from your local reseller for an additional charge.

Can I connect multiple modalities to one TIMS unit?

TIMS can have multiple modalities connected simultaneously.Depending on the type of video connections, TIMS can simultaneously have:- 1 S-Video modality connected- 1 Composite video modality connected and, either 1 RGB modality or up to 3 monochrome modalities connected.

A unique channel must be configured in TIMS for each modality. Although the TIMS system can have multiple modalities connected, please remember that TIMS can only capture from one modality at a time. Thus, the other modalities must wait until the current workflow is finished. Please contact TIMS Support for further details.

What are the differences between TIMS Systems?

There are 3 basic TIMS models, a TIMS 1000, a TIMS 2000 & a TIMS Gateway. All three models can perform a DICOM RECEIVE, a DICOM SEND, burn studies to CD or DVD, DICOM Print and receive TWAIN scanner data. The TIMS 1000 adds static analog image capture. The TIMS 2000 adds both static and streaming (multi-frame- cine) capture. The TIMS Gateway has no analog video capture. For further information, contact: or call: (978) 458-4624 x204

What does the site need to provide for a TIMS installation?

To install a TIMS system the site must provide:– A static network IP address for the TIMS unit.
– A unique system name for the TIMS unit.
– A network connection for the TIMS unit.

To use TIMS with DICOM send:

– A unique AE tile and port for the TIMS system

– An AE title, IP Address and port number of the DICOM receive destination.

To use TIMS with a DICOM Modality Worklist Server:

– An AE title, IP Address and port number of the DMWL server.

For TIMS 1000 & TIMS 2000 systems:

– A video connection from the modality to the TIMS unit.

Also, enough desktop space for an LCD monitor & TIMS unit. (Network information is usually supplied by the site IT administrator) (PACS information is usually supplied by the site PACS administrator)

How do I interface the TIMS unit to my Modality?

The TIMS 1000 & TIMS 2000 systems interface via any auxiliary video output connection on your Modality.TIMS accepts NTSC or PAL S-video on a standard four pin DIN connector. TIMS also accepts composite color video or composite monochrome video on BNC coax, and TIMS accepts RGsB, RGBs or RGBHV on BNC Coax or a VGA connector.If you need any additional connection information, contact

Can I still connect a TIMS unit if my modality doesn’t have any extra video outputs?

Yes. To interface a TIMS unit to a Modality without any extra video outputs requires the use of an active video splitter. (A video splitter is a “one in, two out” device.)You would disconnect an existing video interface on the Modality, attach the video splitter, connect both the TIMS unit and the original video interface to the outputs of the video splitter.Do not use a “T” connector in lieu of an active video splitter, for the image will noticeably degrade.Foresight offers a video splitter as an additional option. If you have any additional connection questions contact:

Does TIMS come with a virus scanning program?

As each site usually has a preferred / approved virus scanning program, and most locations have local site-wide licenses, TIMS does not include a virus scanning program. It is the site’s responsibility to provide a virus scanning program for the TIMS system.

Which virus scan programs are compatable with TIMS?

TIMS is compatible with most virus scan programs. On starting TIMS for the first time after installing a virus scan program, the virus scan program may report a VB scripting error. Instruct the virus scan program to allow TIMS VB scripting. Contact your IT or system administrator for additional information.

How do you change the default value for Hospital ID or Group Assignment in TIMS?

Although the process is quite simple, it is not obvious. To change either the Hospital ID or the Group Assignment:- Create a new study- Enter the desired Hospital ID and/or Group Assignment
– Enter in any other required data
– Select: OK

The study can now be saved or canceled and the new Hospital ID or Group Assignment will now be saved for all future studies.

What types of DVD formats does TIMS support?

Supported DVD formats for the TIMS DICOM System include DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW. However, DVD+RW cannot be re-written. We recommend DVD-R or DVD+R as writing times are much faster than RW. For TDRS systems, which may be on various Windows 7 computers, you should test which DVD types function best as different computers have different combinations of drive types and software drivers. As a general rule, however, DVD-R and DVD+R offer the best results.

TIMS Configuration:

My TIMS unit successfully transfers to a DICOM Printer (no errors in either log); however, there is no imagery on the film. The printed films are clear. What’s wong?

To print properly, some DICOM Printers such as Fuji and Kodak, may require the Density Min and Max values to be changed from the TIMS default of ‘0’, ‘0’. To modify this, access the DICOM printer properties menu, change both the Density Min and Max settings to “Variable”. Then change the values.For Fuji DICOM Printers, often, a value of ‘30’ for ‘Min’ and ‘360’ for ‘Max’ will provide good results.For Kodak DICOM Printers, try values of ‘130’ for ‘Min’, ‘260’ for ‘Max’.There are not any hard set numbers. The final settings must be determined by the person who is reading the films.