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TIMS Medical Releases TIMS Connect for Remote Collaboration
During Live Medical Procedures, Free with Every TIMS System for One Year


(Chelmsford, MA – April 7, 2022) –TIMS Medical announces the release of TIMS Connect, its new live-streaming software module for remote, real-time collaboration on any medical procedure.  TIMS Connect streams the live modality video (fluoroscopy, endoscopy, surgical video, ultrasound, interventional radiology, etc.) so that colleagues can join from virtually any hospital computer as the study is performed.  TIMS Connect is an add-on software module for its flagship TIMS MVP system which has over 5000 systems installed for the recording, editing, and archiving to PACS/VNA of Modified Barium Swallow studies (MBS), Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing studies (FEES), general endoscopy, and surgical procedures.  Included are two-way webcam video, audio conferencing, and remote control of the TIMS system for recording, editing, review, and live graphic telestration.  TIMS Connect utilizes the existing hospital network and does not require specialized or expensive servers or new network infrastructure.  Applications include training of students, resident & fellow supervision, expert consultation, and live remote guidance of the procedure. 

TIMS Connect was enthusiastically received at both the ASHA and RSNA conferences in late 2021.  TIMS Connect is included free with every new TIMS system for one year, and is available to all TIMS MVP 4.2 customers with a current support and maintenance contract.  After the free trial period, TIMS Connect is available for a $995 yearly subscription.


TIMS Connect Applications:  Collaborate & Educate

   Speech-Language Pathology

  • Transmit live MBS studies for consultation with a remote radiologist.
  • Stream live fluoroscopy or FEES video for an expert opinion from another Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP).


  • Stream endoscopic procedures to remote meeting rooms and offices to help train residents & fellows in gastroenterology and ENT procedures.


  • With TIMS Connect, surgeons conducting image-guided and non-invasive robotic surgeries, can easily connect and collaborate with experts beyond the OR on difficult or unusual cases.

   Medical Education and Training

  • Deploy the “See One, Do One, Teach One” concept in medical schools and teaching hospitals to help accelerate the rate of learning by exposing students to more live surgeries and diagnostic imaging procedures than was before possible.

“Having used their systems for years, TIMS Medical has proven itself as an indispensable partner to support our speech-related clinical, research, and educational activities,” said Kendrea L. Garand, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, Swallowing Disorders Initiative Research Laboratory Founder & Director, and Assistant Professor of Speech Pathology at the University of South Alabama. An early user of TIMS Connect, Dr. Garand added: “Beyond benefits we’ve seen in using TIMS Medical systems for diagnostic and research procedures, the new TIMS Connect is especially valuable to us as a teaching facility, as it enables our students and students from other programs, such as radiological sciences, to remotely watch and participate in clinical exams without having to be physically present in the procedure suite – a welcome capability given recent restrictions on in-person learning associated with COVID-19 social distancing protocols. These interprofessional opportunities at the training level are invaluable for promoting best practices to optimize patient outcomes upon graduation.”

Tony Molinari, VP Sales & Marketing for TIMS Medical, commented, “Dr. Garand and her team worked with us during the beta process to provide feedback with their use cases. Their valuable input helped make the product better and it is very satisfying to see the difference TIMS Connect is making with their workflow, student training, and live clinical collaboration.”


TIMS Connect is available now and is included free for one year with every TIMS system purchase.  TIMS Connect is also available for up to one year to all TIMS MVP customers with version 4.2 and a current Support & Maintenance contract.  After the free trial period, TIMS Connect is available for a $995 yearly subscription.

About TIMS Medical & Foresight Imaging LLC

TIMS Medical is a division of Foresight Imaging LLC focused on finished medical devices for the recording, editing, archiving, and real-time collaboration on medical imaging studies.  Applications include modified barium swallow studies, FEES, endoscopy, interventional radiology, ultrasound, surgery, DICOM & PACS/VNA connectivity, and much more.  Over 5000 systems are installed in hospitals, imaging centers, and medical schools worldwide.  For further information, visit http://www.tims.com/ or email mailto:info@tims.com. 

Foresight Imaging LLC is a world leader in the design of high accuracy, high performance video streamers, frame grabbers, & medical imaging hardware and software.  Foresight Imaging video acquisition boards are the imaging engines of many finished medical devices and military imaging systems in use throughout the world. The company is certified to the ISO 13485 quality standard. 

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