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TIMS Medical Introduces TIMS MVP 4.6 at ASHA 2022


(New Orleans, LA & Chelmsford, MA – November 16, 2022) – Today, while exhibiting for the 15th consecutive year at the annual convention of The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA.org), TIMS Medical® announces the introduction of TIMS MVP 4.6, the latest iteration of its flagship product for recording, reviewing, editing, and archiving MBS & FEES studies in high resolution video with synced audio. TIMS MVP 4.6 now adds QuickNotes, customized reporting, side-by-side study comparison, and an enhanced editing model to its already extensive productivity suite of tools that thousands of SLPs rely on daily for reviewing, editing, and diagnosing these imaging studies.

TIMS Medical systems are widely used for imaging and diagnostics of dysphagia related studies such as Modified Barium Swallow (MBS) and Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES). Further, TIMS Medical systems are frequently used to support imaging for endoscopy (ENT & GI), interventional radiology, ultrasound, surgery, and DICOM/PACS/VNA connectivity.

TIMS MVP 4.6 now provides a QuickNotes floating window to save SLPs significant time in the note-taking and reporting process. During the review process, or even while recording, SLPs can input notes on an overall study basis, or series-by-series as the QuickNotes window seamlessly auto-advances when you navigate between series during review. SLPs have an unobstructed view of the series video and all editing and review controls while utilizing the TIMS QuickNotes feature.

Customized Reporting, Templates, QuickPhrases
One of the most requested new features has been customized reporting and template building. Version 4.6 takes this to a new level with a flexible and customized report building platform built right into TIMS. Multiple templates can be created to fit each SLPs needs. Since TIMS has complete access to all images in the study, key images can be automatically added per a given template, or manually added during the review process. Any QuickNotes taken during the review or recording process and any Scoring information (introduced in version 4.5) are automatically entered into the report via the template. Multiple customized QuickPhrases can be defined in the intuitive configuration tools to setup commonly used paragraphs, phrases, bulleted lists, and much more. Via a type-matching menu, QuickPhrases are then added into individual reports and then can be edited as desired, saving minutes in the reporting process. Once completed, the reports can be sent to PACS, VNA, and EMR along with the video study.

Side-by-Side Study Comparison
Another common feature request from TIMS users is the ability to compare two studies side-by-side. For example, compare today’s MBS study with one from 3 months ago, or play simultaneously a FEES and MBS study. Simply click on the Compare tab in TIMS, and a menu of available studies for that same patient are displayed in a list for selection to compare and review simultaneously.

Enhanced Study Editing & Review
TIMS MVP 4.6 adds the ability to easily create compound clips from multiple series and create subclips from longer videos. These features allow users to create a longer series from multiple shorter clips, a common need with MBS studies. It also allows shorter subclips from series of several minutes (or even hours if a surgical study) to select just the important sections of the series to review or archive. All of this can be done while preserving the original video, and only archiving the desired content. Further, a new saturation video enhancement tool has been added for color video studies including FEES and endoscopic surgical video.

“We are constantly talking with our speech pathology customers about new productivity enhancing features for TIMS MVP. Consistently, they have been asking us for reporting capabilities and side-by-side study comparison. Our engineering team worked diligently over the last several months to create an intuitive, simple, and powerful reporting methodology which allows for customizable templates, our new QuickNotes interface, and QuickPhrases. The result is a powerful and streamlined reporting process that saves time and delivers more clinical information for care givers in enterprise imaging and the EMR,” said Tim Lauzon, Product Marketing Manager.

Demonstrations are being provided now at the ASHA convention booth 1913, at the upcoming RSNA conference in Chicago starting on November 27, and via online meeting. Contact us at info@tims.com or 978-458-4624 to schedule an online demo for your speech pathology team. Final release of TIMS MVP 4.6 is expected in Q1 2023.

TIMS MVP Customers with current Support & Maintenance contracts as of the date of release are eligible for a free upgrade to TIMS MVP 4.6.

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