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TIMS Medical Introduces TIMS MVP 4.5 at ASHA 2021


(Washington, DC & Chelmsford, MA – November 18, 2021) - Today, while exhibiting for the 14th consecutive year at the annual conference of The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA.org), TIMS Medical® announces the introduction of TIMS MVP 4.5, the latest iteration of its flagship product for recording, reviewing, and archiving MBS & FEES studies in high resolution video with synced audio. TIMS MVP 4.5 now adds Scoring, Measurement and Live Streaming to the list of sophisticated tools that thousands of SLPs rely on daily for reviewing, editing, and diagnosing these imaging studies!

TIMS Medical systems are widely used for imaging and diagnostics of dysphagia related studies such as Modified Barium Swallow (MBS) and Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES). Further, TIMS Medical systems are frequently used to support imaging for general endoscopy, interventional radiology, ultrasound, surgery, and DICOM/PACS/VNA connectivity.

TIMS MVP version 4.5 has been significantly enhanced to provide speech pathologists with powerful new capabilities including: Scoring, Measurement, and real-time tele-collaboration.

TIMS MVP 4.5 now includes a much requested built-in “scorecard” overlay to facilitate and streamline the use of standardized scoring protocols. TIMS MVP ships with scorecards for widely used protocols such as Modified Barium Swallow Impairment Profile (MBSImP™), Dynamic Imaging Grade of Swallowing Toxicity (DIGEST™), Penetration-Aspiration Scale (PAS), and the Functional Oral Intake Scale (FOIS). Custom scorecards can also be created to meet any need. Completed scorecards can be instantly exported as elegantly formatted tables for inclusion in reports and EMR systems. Additionally, anonymized MBSImP scorecards can be easily uploaded to the MBSImP database to help contribute data to support ongoing research in swallowing function, analysis, and treatment.

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With TIMS MVP 4.5’s newly refined measurement tools, clinicians can now quickly calculate valuable metrics such as area, distance and velocity. Practical examples include estimating percent residue, hyoid excursion and superior / anterior displacement, bolus velocity and the timing of swallowing events. Measurements and accompanying telestrations can be labeled and a single-frame snapshot created to include with the study as it is archived to PACS or VNA.

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TIMS Connect
TIMS Connect is a software add-on for any TIMS MVP system that allows clinicians performing a swallowing study to live-stream the fluoroscopy or FEES video to a remote colleague using the included TIMS Review software. The built-in two-way webcam video and audio complete the “in-room” experience for the remote user. TIMS Connect lets hospitals and hospital groups leverage expertise found within their system providing instant collaboration for difficult or unusual cases. Training and education can be accomplished without further crowding an already crowded procedure room. TIMS Connect works equally well for all other medical video studies.


And More…

Other improvements in TIMS MVP 4.5 include DICOM query/retrieve, USB video acquisition, new telestration tools, and additional sorting and labeling options.

“Speech pathologists have been vocal in telling us that they want to more easily implement the recommended standards for performing and scoring their MBS & FEES studies. With the productivity gains of TIMS MVP 4.5, they can now accomplish much more in less time,” said Tony Molinari, VP Sales & Marketing. “From recording high resolution 30 fps video, labeling during recording, and built-in standardized scoring, TIMS Medical is proud to be providing “Standard of Care” products. The introduction of TIMS Connect will help foster real-time collaboration, training, and expertise throughout the healthcare system.”

About TIMS Medical & Foresight Imaging LLC
TIMS Medical is a division of Foresight Imaging LLC focused on finished medical devices for the recording, editing, archiving, and real-time collaboration on medical imaging studies. Applications include modified barium swallow studies, FEES, endoscopy, interventional radiology, ultrasound, surgery, DICOM & PACS/VNA connectivity, and much more. Over 5000 systems are installed in hospitals, imaging centers, and medical schools worldwide. For further information, visit www.tims.com or email info@tims.com.

Foresight Imaging LLC is a world leader in the design of high accuracy, high performance video streamers, frame grabbers, & medical imaging hardware and software. Foresight Imaging video acquisition boards are the imaging engines of many finished medical devices and military imaging systems in use throughout the world. The company is certified to the ISO 13485 quality standard.

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TIMS Medical
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Tony Molinari, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Co-Founder
978-458-4624 x223

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Scoring: MBSImP, DIGEST, PAS, FOIS, & Custom
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Measurement: Distance, Area,
Velocity, Residue, Anterior/Superior
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Live Streaming & Remote Collaboration
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