TIMS Medical

Speech: TIMS 2000 SP & TDRS

The Solution for recording, review & archiving of modified barium swallow (MBS) studies!

High Resolution Video with Synced Audio

4 times more detail than DVD-video!
Eliminate HIPAA Risks

Stop using removable media containing patient data.
More Efficient Workflow

Improve fluoroscopy room patient throughput with remote study review & analysis.
Send Studies to PACS

Studies are secure,archived, and available to all authorized users.

Still using just Fluoro or low quality DVD-video?

Upgrade to high resolution, improved efficiency, & synced audio.

  • Windows 10 Pro 64 bit workstation
  • High resolution video at 30 frames per second
  • Benefits of eliminating DVDs & other removable media
    • Eliminates HIPAA risk 
    • Patient data secure & archived
    • Studies available on PACS/VNA for all authorized users
    • DMWL for automated input of patient information
    • DICOM send entire studies or portions of studies
    • Archive studies to CD/DVD/USB/Network,with DICOM Viewer included
    • Study editing tools
    • Custom annotations
    • Add audio comments
    • Customized workflow
    • Calibrated measurement: line segment, freehand, area, angle
    • Save study as AVI
    • Graphic telestration
    • Stopwatch timer
    • Synced audio
    • Study timer
    • Comprehensive Support & Maintenance
    • Record the entire procedure
    • Record from any fluoroscopy or FEES system (or any medical video device!)
      Instant access (no FF & RW necessary!)
    • Remote review & analysis with TDRS (TIMS DICOM Review Software)
    • DICOM format for compatibility with all PACS & EMR
    • Extensive review & analysis tools

Workflow, Workflow, Workflow!

With over 3000 systems installed worldwide, TIMS Medical has worked extensively with speech pathologists to optimize workflow to make their recording, review, and analysis of modified barium swallow (MBS) studies more efficient. The result is customizable workflows from the extremely simple to the power user, and everything in between! For example, for the simplest workflow: (1) Input the patient information by a simple query of the DMWL from your RIS. (2) Record the entire speech study with synced audio automatically (with no interaction necessary with TIMS) from the fluoroscopy system. (3) Send the resulting DICOM study (with one click!) to PACS and/or a TDRS system in the speech pathology lab or office. For power users, extensive functions are available on both the TIMS recording system in the fluoroscopy room, and on the TDRS remote review system:


  • Custom swallow consistency labels can be annotated on each video segment
  • Editing of the studies
  • Swallow segments can be timed with a stopwatch timer in 100s of a second
  • Extensive review & analysis with backward play, play at any frame rate, frame-by-frame analysis, contrast / brightness / zoom Add audio comments to the study
  • Add audio comments to the study
  • Calibrated measurement & graphic telestration

TIMS DICOM Review Software (TDRS)


TDRS is a software-only version of the TIMS system (no video acquisition hardware). TDRS can be installed on any Windows 7 or 10 computer in the speech pathology lab, office area, or anywhere in the hospital. To speed workflow and immediately free up the fluoroscopy suite for the next patient, the speech study can be instantly sent over the hospital network from the TIMS system in the fluoroscopy suite to one or more TDRS systems throughout the hospital. Speech pathologists can then edit, annotate, review, and analyze the studies, free from the pressure of creating a bottleneck in the fluoroscopy suite, in the comfort of their own office or lab area.

Ordering Guide


TIMS 2000 Package (no audio)
Includes 23” LCD monitor, standard onsite installation & training, Video Isolator, Trigger Kit, & TDRS.

TIMS 2000 Package with Mobile Cart (no audio)
Includes 27” touch screen monitor, mobile cart, standard onsite installation & training, Video Isolator, Trigger Kit, & TDRS.

TIMS 2000 SP Package
Includes 23” LCD monitor, standard onsite installation & training, Video Isolator, Trigger Kit, & TDRS.

TIMS 2000 SP Package with Mobile Cart
Includes 27” touch screen monitor, mobile cart, standard onsite installation & training, Video Isolator, Trigger Kit, & TDRS.