TIMS Advantage

in Medical Imaging Solutions


The TIMS DICOM System is the premier solution for converting any non-DICOM medical modality to DICOM. TIMS medical imaging solutions save hospitals hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars by helping them extend the lives of their current medical devices. There is no need to immediately purchase expensive new equipment or DICOM upgrades from the major medical modality manufacturers. TIMS can make the DICOM conversion and send your studies to PACS cost-effectively.


 Convert ANY non-DICOM modality to DICOM: 
Yes, we mean any modality. CT, MR, nuclear medicine, motion X-ray, endoscopy, white light microscopy, angiography, ultrasound, and much more. Be careful, other solutions are limited and can only capture from some modalities. They publish lists of supported equipment. We don’t have to. Our software automatically analyzes the video signal from the modality and calibrates exactly to the video specifications of the modality. This guarantees the very best image quality possible. No one else can deliver this level of quality.


Capture the entire study, not just a few seconds: 
Other medical imaging solutions can only capture static video or are limited to 10 seconds or less. That is not acceptable for many modalities. Echocardiography, some other ultrasound applications, interventional radiology, catheterization labs, motion X-ray, and endoscopy are just some of the applications that may require longer video capture times. And some applications require lengthy captures from video tape. TIMS can record for several minutes.


Review & edit: 
TIMS allows you to review and edit your studies before sending to PACS. Other medical imaging solutions force you to send to PACS blindly. TIMS allows you to see, review, and edit what you have captured so that you can make decisions prior to sending to PACS.


All-in-one solution: 
TIMS provides everything you need for non-DICOM to DICOM conversion and PACS connectivity. There is no need to purchase expensive options to accomplish what is necessary for PACS connectivity. We include DICOM Modality Work List query, CD/DVD burning, DICOM & Windows print, DICOM send/receive, and film scanner interface. And this is all for one low price. Be careful of other solutions with a low introductory price. These typically include only DICOM print and static capture. Adding other useful functionality like DMWL, DICOM send, and CD/DVD burning typically increases the price to well over $20,000.


Based on a Windows 7 Professional 64 bit small footprint computer workstation: 
This means TIMS is easy to use and learn. We like to say that if you can use Microsoft Word, you can learn to use TIMS in a very short period of time. It also means that TIMS offers much more functionality such as Windows print, export to JPG and AVI, and the viewing of an entire DMWL. Other solutions with small handheld displays are very limited in display capabilities making the scrolling and searching for a specific patient tedious.


DICOM query/retrieve: 
TIMS also allows you to query the PACS system for previous patient studies and retrieve them for display right on the TIMS DICOM System. This is especially helpful for reviewing the studies just before starting a new procedure. Other non-DICOM to DICOM conversion products do not offer DICOM query/retrieve.


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