Case Studies

Modality Conversions and PACS Execution Plans


TIMS is used in many different applications across the country and around the world.  We have chosen a few here to highlight the most common uses for TIMS.

TIMS can be an essential tool in any department that uses diagnostic imaging – Radiology, Cardiology, GI, Urology, Endoscopy, Dermatology, Pathology, Motion X-ray, and more.  As part of their PACS execution plan, we work with department administrators and PACS vendors to solve the problems relating to PACS connectivity.  TIMS can convert any non-DICOM modality to DICOM and then connect it to the PACS, or TIMS can simply connect a DICOM ready modality to the PACS thereby eliminating any destination charges from the modality vendor.

Our TIMS customers have saved a significant amount of money and increased their workflow efficiency by using TIMS to upgrade their legacy equipment.  One of our customers purchased six TIMS to upgrade a number of cardiac catheterization labs.  The cost savings was astounding considering the cost of new DICOM modalities including two bi-plane systems.

Many of our customers appreciate TIMS intuitive interface and useful editing feature.  Because TIMS is a compete workstation, a technician is able to review and edit out extraneous images prior to sending to PACS.  This assures that the radiologist only sees the views that are pertinent to the clinical diagnosis.

We have even found that many clinics are now required by their hospital clients to perform all procedures in DICOM format.  While it may not be fiscally prudent to replace all of their imaging equipment, these remote clinics can easily afford TIMS to satisfy these requirements.