C-Arms, Mobile Maelor Hospital, Wales, UK


Problem: Maelor Hospital (Wrexham, Wales, UK) decided to install an Insignia PACS for their digital imaging storage and management requirements.  They had two non-DICOM mobile C-arms, a Siemens and a Philips, that needed to be converted to DICOM for viewing and storage on their PACS.

Solution: TIMS DICOM System.  Maelor Hospital worked with their IT vendor, Steria Ltd., to select the TIMS DICOM System.  With the small footprint design of TIMS, it was easily able to integrate with the mobile C-arm workflow.  Their studies were quickly and easily converted to DICOM and sent to PACS.  “We were impressed with the ability of TIMS to configure to any of our non-DICOM modalities, including our mobile C-arms from different vendors,” said John Collins, Superintendent Radiographer at Maelor Hospital.