Consultant – Fluoroscopy Austin Radiological Association Children’s Imaging Center, TX

Problem: The Austin Radiological Association Children’s Imaging Center (Austin, TX) had recently opened a new center adjacent to Dell Children’s Hospital.  They have five new modalities at the imaging center:  two ultrasounds, one CT, one MRI, and a Siemens Sireskop SD fluoroscopy system.  With their workflow, the radiologist spent most of his time in the centralized reading room.  The radiologist needed a way to monitor the fluoroscopy studies in real-time while they were being performed by the radiological technologist a few rooms away.  How could they do this real-time monitoring of the high resolution fluoroscopy video?  Additionally, they planned to use the fluoroscopy system for general fluoroscopy as well as modified barium swallow speech pathology studies.  Although the fluoroscopy system was DICOM, it only stored spot images and short acquisition mode sequences.  For the speech pathology studies, they would need all of the fluoro runs in DICOM format.  How could they get the entire procedure in DICOM format for the speech pathologists to review the studies?


Solution: TIMS DICOM System.  Children’s Imaging Center decided on the TIMS DICOM System and the TIMS Consultant.  With the TIMS Consultant, they were able to transmit the full motion, high resolution fluoroscopy video procedure, while it was being performed, to the reading radiologist.  The digital video was transmitted in real-time over the Children’s Imaging Center’s network using the TIMS Consultant allowing the radiologist to monitor the procedure in real-time and communicate with the radiological technologist.  Additionally, the TIMS DICOM System allowed Children’s Imaging Center to acquire the long format, full motion video runs from the Siemens Sireskop SD fluoroscopy system.  These full studies can then be recorded to CD/DVD (DICOM Viewer included) for the speech pathologists to review the studies at their own computers.