CT-TIMS Consultant – Bronglais Hospital, Wales, UK




Problem: Bronglais Hospital (Aberystwyth, Wales, UK) has a 16-slice Toshiba CT system that is DICOM.  For review and diagnosis, they send the DICOM studies directly to their Insignia PACS.  Sometimes, the radiologist needs to participate in the study as it is taking place.  The problem is that the radiologist’s office is about a 5 minute walk from the CT room, requiring her to navigate two flights of stairs.  How could the radiologist contribute to the study in-progress more efficiently?



Solution: TIMS DICOM System.  Using the TIMS Consultant, they are able to acquire from the output of the CT system as the live study is underway.  The TIMS Consultant transmits the live CT study over the hospital’s network to the radiologist’s computer in real-time.  Additionally, the radiographer and the radiologist can communicate using the live two-way audio of the TIMS Consultant.  With this, the radiologist can take part in the CT study without actually being in the control room.  Further, any of the individual CT series can be captured and immediately sent at full DICOM resolution to the radiologist’s computer before the CT study is even finished.  “The TIMS Consultant opened up a whole new way of working for us.  Our radiologists can now more efficiently participate in our CT studies,” said Neil Passam, Superintendent Radiographer at Bronglais Hospital.