Echocardiography – Charleston Cardiology, SC

Problem: Charleston Cardiology specializes in preventative and ongoing cardiac care in Charleston, SC. They needed to convert the studies from their echocardiography systems to DICOM and send to their PACS systems for review and archiving. They had been thinking about purchasing new echo systems costing well over a hundred thousand dollars. But their current equipment was functioning just fine. They simply needed to get the studies in a DICOM format and send to PACS.

Solution: TIMS DICOM System. For under $20k installed, Charleston Cardiology was able to convert all of their non-DICOM echocardio studies to DICOM and send to PACS. They were able to review and edit studies right on the TIMS system, prior to sending to PACS, and all at a full 30 frames per second. Further, they were able to convert the entire study to DICOM and they were able to record studies to CD/DVD at the point of care. Dr. William Grossman of Charleston Cardiology said, “The TIMS DICOM System has allowed us to more efficiently acquire echocardiographic studies in a format we can quickly analyze at the desktop and store digitally. The technical assistance from the support group at Foresight Imaging has been invaluable in working with the system as we continue to evolve its integration into our practice.”