Fluoroscopy – Franklin Sq. Center Hospital, MD



Problem: At Franklin Square Center Hospital, a MedStar Health facility, in Baltimore, Maryland, the radiology department had one modality left to connect to its Dynamic Imaging PACS.  This modality is a Siemens FluorospotH system.  Franklin Square wanted the flexibility to be able to capture both static and streaming video from their modality and send the resulting DICOM studies to PACS for reading.

Solution: TIMS DICOM System.  Franklin Square first viewed the TIMS DICOM System at the RSNA exhibition.  The flexibility and ease of use of the system were the prime reasons for the initial interest in TIMS.  Les Lepley, Manager of Imaging Technology for MedStar Health, said, “Unlike other systems, TIMS allows you to know exactly what images you have captured and sent to PACS.  The system was very easy to use.”  After the installation of the TIMS system, Franklin Square realized that they wanted the Requested Procedure Description DICOM tag mapped to Study Description for DICOM Modality Work List queries.  This would allow their radiological technologists to more quickly select the proper patient and study.  Franklin Square communicated this need to Foresight Imaging and it was delivered in the next release of the TIMS software.  “The people at TIMS have been very supportive of our needs.  They listened to our requests for enhancement and delivered for us.  As a result, our non-DICOM to DICOM conversion workflow is running more smoothly,” continued Mr. Lepley.