Fluoroscopy – Speech Pathology at University of Michigan Hospital Ann Arbor, MI



Problem: The University of Michigan Hospital (Ann Arbor, MI) has three fluoroscopy systems:  a Philips Diagnost, a Philips EasyView, and a GE Advantx.  They are used for general fluoroscopy as well as speech pathology studies.  All three systems are non-DICOM and the hospital wanted to go completely digital and view these studies on PACS rather than continuing to print film and record to video tape.  How could they cost effectively convert these fluoroscopy systems to DICOM until they are ready to replace these systems in a few years?


Solution: TIMS DICOM System.  The University of Michigan Hospital had already been using a TIMS DICOM System for all of their long format speech pathology studies with their new Siemens Luminos fluoroscopy system.  With this positive experience using TIMS for speech pathology studies, they decided to convert all of their non-DICOM fluoroscopy systems to DICOM using the TIMS DICOM System.  Now, all of their fluoroscopy systems are connected to PACS, and at a small fraction of the cost of replacing these systems.  Additionally, with the cost savings associated with digital workflow gains, the elimination of film printing, and the elimination of video tape recording, the University realized its return on investment in TIMS in just a few months.  “The TIMS DICOM System improved our workflow immediately.  The staff at Foresight Imaging quickly and easily installed the equipment and trained our staff.  We are very pleased with their support of our staff,” said James Good, PACS Administrator at University of Michigan Hospital.