MRI, Mobile Bronglais Hospital, Wales, UK


Problem: A mobile MR trailer arrives at Bronglais Hospital (Aberystwyth, Wales, UK) every two weeks for up to two days.  The MR systems are DICOM; however, each time it can be a different trailer and brand of MR.  Additionally, the hospital does not want to directly connect the trailer to their network for security reasons.  But they still want to transfer the MR DICOM studies to their Insignia PACS system.  They needed to find a way to transfer the studies quickly and easily to their PACS.


Solution: TIMS DICOM System.  Bronglais Hospital uses a TIMS DICOM Gateway to import the DICOM studies from CDs generated by the mobile MR systems.  The DICOM studies are imported to TIMS and then are available to be routed to the Insignia PACS at the hospital.  “TIMS is extremely versatile.  It allows us to import DICOM studies from CD/DVD or USB.  We can then review the studies right on the TIMS workstation and route them to our PACS,” said Neil Passam, Superintendent Radiographer at Bronglais Hospital.