Multi-Hospital Installation – Enterprise-Wide PACS Connectivity Baptist Health – Montgomery, AL


Problem: Baptist Health decided upon Philips iSite PACS for its three hospitals and six imaging centers in central Alabama. This PACS implementation was paid for on a per study basis for all of the storage and archiving; however, there were still considerable costs in review stations, networking gear, and infrastructure.  With this roll-out of PACS across their 3 hospitals and 6 imaging centers, Baptist Health also wanted to go digital with all of their modalities, eliminate film, and be reading all imaging studies from PACS immediately.  Unfortunately, to replace all of their non-DICOM modalities with native DICOM modalities would require the immediate purchase of 25 new modalities, costing Baptist Health millions of dollars.  With their limited budget, their only options were a long, multi-year phase-in of PACS, or finding a cost effective non-DICOM to DICOM conversion system.  What solution could they find that could meet their goal of being connected to PACS on day one and be cost effective?



Solution: TIMS DICOM System.  This installation of 25 TIMS DICOM Systems ensured Baptist Health would be up and running on PACS with all modalities immediately, thereby leveraging their investment in PACS from day one.  The modalities that TIMS is sending to PACS include nuclear medicine, fluoroscopy, angiography, C-arms, catheterization labs, endoscopy, nuclear medicine, and others.  Baptist Health chose the TIMS DICOM System over other DICOM conversion systems for two main reasons:  (1) TIMS’ ability to acquire from ANY medical modality; and (2) TIMS’ ability to acquire from both static and motion video modalities including long formats such as speech pathology. “We are very pleased with the implementation of the TIMS DICOM System.  Upon the installation of the 25 TIMS units, we were up and running on PACS with all modalities immediately.  With our investment in PACS, that is exactly what we wanted.  And we were able to do so for just a fraction of the cost of investing in all new modalities,” said W. Scott Edwards, System PACS Administrator at Baptist Health.