Paper Scanning – Maelor Hospital, Wales, UK

Problem: Maelor Hospital (Wrexham, Wales, UK) decided to install an Insignia PACS for their digital imaging storage and management requirements.  In addition to the six modalities they needed to convert to DICOM, they had various paper and thermal paper images and documents that they wanted to get to their PACS and be part of the patient record.


Solution: TIMS DICOM System.  Maelor Hospital worked with their IT vendor, Steria Ltd., to select the TIMS DICOM System.  TIMS is able to convert any static or motion video modality to DICOM and send the resulting study to PACS.  In addition, TIMS is able to interface with scanners.  The paper is scanned normally with a standard paper scanner.  Using a TWAIN driver, TIMS is able to read the images, convert them to DICOM, and send the resulting studies to PACS.  “We are very pleased with the versatility and quality of the TIMS DICOM System.  Not only has TIMS satisfied our non-DICOM to DICOM conversion needs, but it has also allowed us to convert our scanned images to DICOM and send them to PACS,” said John Collins, Superintendent Radiographer at Maelor Hospital.