Portable Ultrasound – Bronglais Hospital, Wales, UK


Problem: Bronglais Hospital (Aberystwyth, Wales, UK) has a Toshiba portable ultrasound unit that they use to perform studies at various doctors’ offices in the region. The portable ultrasound is non-DICOM, but they needed a way to capture the studies and transfer them to their Insignia PACS to have a record of the study and for diagnosis.


Solution: TIMS DICOM System.  Foresight Imaging worked with Neil Passam, Superintendent Radiographer at Bronglais Hospital, to configure a TIMS DICOM System in a portable computer. With this, they are able to capture the ultrasound studies right at the point of care. Upon return to the hospital, the DICOM studies are transferred from the TIMS DICOM System to the hospital’s Insignia PACS for review and diagnosis. “The simple workflow of the TIMS system allows our radiographers to easily use TIMS in the field for both static and motion video DICOM conversion,” said Mr. Passam.

Download HI RES Portable Ultrasound (1.9 MB) ••• Download LO RES Portable Ultrasound (1.9 MB)