Fluoroscopy & Speech Pathology – San Gabriel Valley Medical Center

Problem: Dr. A. Frank Turner at San Gabriel Valley Medical Center has a DAR-8000 fluoroscopy system from Shimadzu. He wanted to be able to record, review, and play back the entire fluoroscopy procedure when necessary. He needed this capability to properly document every case because many times, events would occur during the motion fluoroscopy part of the exam that were not recorded in spot captures or short acquisition mode sequences that were sent to PACS.

Solution: TIMS DICOM System. With TIMS, the entire fluoroscopy procedure is recorded every time. The study is instantly available for review and playback. This is critical for reviewing “suspicious” areas as necessary. Key portions of the study can also be sent to PACS at any time. For example, a patient with an aspiration would be unable to be documented properly to the speech pathologist without TIMS providing the entire study for review. Further, TIMS is particularly helpful in placing PIC lines for angiography, especially when the patient has a small entry path. “Now that I have TIMS, I would not want to be without it. It is an incredibly useful system. In addition to having the instant review of the entire fluoroscopy procedure, I have a DVD record of the complete swallow study, and I can send important segments of a study to PACS for a permanent archive,” said Dr. A. Frank Turner, radiologist, at San Gabriel Valley Medical Center.

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