“The TIMS DICOM System integrated into our workflow easily while solving our PACS connectivity needs for our angiography and C-arm modalities.  Additionally, it allowed us to easily transmit our portable ultrasound studies to PACS and bill for the procedures.

“The use of the TIMS system has in no way slowed our exam flow.  It takes a matter of seconds to connect the system to our imaging equipment.  The staff has found TIMS to be user-friendly, and as such the compliance in the use of the TIMS is 100%.”

— Patrick Willis, Manager, Special Procedures
University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, WA

“TIMS is a real time saver for the Techs. The interface is so easy to use that we can quickly and easily train new users. The Radiologists are also happy to be able to read off of our PACS instead of films. I have contacted the TIMS support team on a few occasions and was very pleased with the response time and attention given to my questions.

“TIMS has enhanced our new PACS as we are able to easily use some older radiology equipment. As an added bonus, we are using two TIMS Systems for three modalities in our Radiology Department.”

– Richard Papanos, RIS/PACS Administrator
Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Northampton, MA

“We chose the TIMS DICOM System primarily due to its usability:  TIMS can connect to anything.  Whatever modality we connected to, TIMS was quick and simple to configure including the high resolution Siemens modalities which other vendors were unable to acquire from.”

– Andrew Ward, Senior Diagnostic Imaging Advisor
NHS Wales, UK

“Prior to purchasing TIMS we had one of your competitors DICOM boxes connected to our Angiography equipment.  Our equipment was purchased without DICOM, so when we installed PACS we needed a solution to replace the current DICOM box.  The current DICOM box was very difficult to use and was down more then it was operational.  We have had the TIMS in place for a couple of months now and have not experienced any issues.  This has made our Technologist’s life much easier and we get the correct images in the correct study every time.”

— Jeff Howard,PACS Administrator, Corporate Diagnostic Imaging Services
Martin Memorial Health Systems, Inc., Stuart, FL

“The people at TIMS have been very supportive of our needs.  They listened to our requests for enhancement and delivered for us.  As a result, our non-DICOM to DICOM conversion workflow is running more smoothly.”

— Lester Lepley, Manager of Imaging Technology for MedStar Health

“The simple PC interface of TIMS made it extremely easy to use. It fit in easily with our workflow, and as we used the system for a few days, we discovered we could do much more with it, including record DICOM CDs and DVDs right at the TIMS station. Further, being a standard PC, it fit in perfectly with our Windows back-up and maintenance strategy.”

— Ed Mungai, Managed Technologies Consulting firm for Parkside MRI, Chicago area, IL

“Foresight Imaging listened to our workflow needs and implemented improvements to the TIMS DICOM System quickly and efficiently. We like the streamlined user interface, our physicians get the images before the case closes, and our workflow is unimpeded.”

— Cindy Wegehaupt, Project Manager for IT Sioux Valley Hospital, Sioux Falls, SD

“The TIMS DICOM System has allowed us to more efficiently acquire echocardiographic studies in a format we can quickly analyze at the desktop and store digitally. The Technical assistance from the support group at Foresight Imaging has been invaluable in working with the system as we continue to evolve its integration into our practice ”

— Dr. William Grossman Charleston Cardiology, Charleston, SC

“We are very excited about the new TIMS software release. The TIMS Consultant helps us to connect our hospital with remote radiologists in Wales. This real-time teleradiology capability has allowed us to process patient procedures more quickly, enabling our department to be more efficient. With DICOM query/retrieve, our physicians can view previous procedures right at the point of care without delay.”

— Neil Passam, Senior Radiographer Bronglais General Hospital Wales, United Kingdom

“I had a positive experience with TIMS documentation, installation and functionality. By using the delivered documentation, I was able to operate the unit and train others in a short time frame. The users report that they like it and are glad it’s here.”

— Shawn Doughty, PACS Administrator CJW Hospital, Richmond, VA

“Acceptance of the unit has been high. It’s the best application of this type I have seen.”

— Jeff Preyer, PACS Administrator Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC