TIMS Medical

TIMS connect

Stream Live Modality Video to Any Computer!

TIMS Connect streams live video from any modality to any hospital computer and provides two-way webcam video & audio.

TIMS Connect®, is a software add-on to any TIMS MVP system that provides instant real-time collaboration from within the procedure room. Colleagues can join from any hospital computer to participate as a study is performed, and optionally control the in-room TIMS MVP system to record, edit and review the study. Built-in webcam support adds a movable window with two-way audio & video for face-to-face communication, or to provide a remote view of the procedure room.

Quickly & easily consult
with experts from within
the hospital system

Provide students or staff
valuable live training without
overcrowding procedure rooms

Efficiently supervise
procedures remotely
from any office

Software add-on for any TIMS MVP system
Real-time video transmission from any modality (fluoroscopes, endoscopes, ultrasound, etc.)
Optionally control the in-room system remotely to record, edit & review studies!
Two-way live webcam video & audio
Utilizes existing hospital networks
Remote user support with VPN
Secure & encrypted