TIMS Consultant Datasheet

Real-Time, Remote Medical Video & Audio Collaboration



Real-Time, Remote Collaboration On Any Surgery or Diagnostic Imaging Procedure


  1. Transmit ANY live medical modality video over networks LAN, WAN, VPN, and Internet
  2. Patented, SSL Encrypted, HIPAA compliantAudio conferencing, chat
  3. HTML5 thin clients using PC, Mac, & mobile devices
  4. Recording, flagging, editing, & sharing of recorded files


    1. Active Directory integration
    2. Interactive graphic telestration Intra-operative viewing & consulting
    3. Vendor neutral: integrates with your existing equipment


TIMS Consultant® is a patented, networked system that allows physicians, technicians, students, residents, fellows, and sub-specialty consultants at various physical locations to view and participate intra-operatively in a surgery or diagnostic imaging procedure. Example applications include education & training at teaching hospitals for ultrasound & interventional radiology, robotic surgery telementoring, remote participation in a fluoroscopy procedure at a remote hospital, and much more.

Surgery video, diagnostic imaging video, and any other medical video signals are transmitted over networks. Authorized remote participants can securely login to the system via the TIMS Consultant web client and view the transmitted video in real-time. All transmissions are secure, encrypted, & HIPAA compliant. Users can each telestrate and annotate with live graphics to emphasize aspects of the procedure. Audio conferencing is provided. If authorized, the entire procedure or segments of the video can be recorded for archival, later retrieval, editing, and teaching purposes. The TIMS Consultant client is a thin HMTL5 web client, and can be deployed instantly using web browsers.