Connect Any Medical Modality to PACS
Including modified barium swallow studies (speech pathology) & endoscopy


Problem: Hospitals and imaging centers need to connect their medical modalities to PACS. Some of these are older, non-DICOM modalities such as nuclear medicine systems, C-arms, or older ultrasound devices. Or, more likely, they have fluoroscopy systems that are performing long-format modified barium swallow studies for speech pathology.  Because these studies are high resolution, require 30 fps, and require synced audio, even brand new DICOM-enabled fluoroscopy systems cannot transfer these studies to PACS.  Further, endoscopy systems are typically not DICOM-enabled and need to be connected to PACS.

Solution: TIMS DICOM System, the PACS Connectivity Solution. TIMS can convert any medical modality to DICOM.  The resulting study can be sent to PACS, recorded to CD/DVD/USB/network, and printed to film or paper. TIMS also provides much more including labeling/annotation, extensive review & analysis, and study editing.

TIMS DICOM Review Software: TDRS is a software-only version of the TIMS system (no video acquisition hardware). TDRS can be installed on any Windows 7 computer in the speech pathology lab, endoscopy office area, or anywhere in the hospital. To speed workflow and immediately free up the modality suite for the next patient, the study can be instantly sent over the hospital network from the TIMS system in the modality suite to one or more TDRS systems throughout the hospital. Speech pathologists, endoscopy physicians, and technologists can then edit, annotate, review, and analyze the studies, free from the pressure of creating a bottleneck in the modality suite, in the comfort of their own office or lab area. After review and analysis on TDRS, studies can be sent to PACS.



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