TIMS Diagnostic Imaging


The number of applications for TIMS is nearly endless. TIMS can be an essential tool in any department that uses diagnostic imaging – Radiology, Cardiology, GI, Urology, Endoscopy, Dermatology, Pathology, Motion X-ray, and more. Our customers are finding new ways to use TIMS almost every day.  In fact, the current TIMS version that is available today is a direct result of the customer feedback that we have received over the years.  We listen to our customer’s feature requests and do our best to implement them in future releases.  TIMS has evolved as our customers needs have evolved.

TIMS is by far the leader in the medical imaging industry when it comes to capturing still and motion video studies. Because of its unique streaming capabilities, many of our diagnostic imaging customers are utilizing TIMS for all of their motion procedures such as: angiography, fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine and ultrasound procedures, barium swallows, catheterization procedures, and others. Don’t be fooled by other DICOM conversion boxes that claim to capture streaming video, but in fact can only capture mere seconds of a study. TIMS is the only DICOM conversion system available today that is capable of capturing an entire study to be sent to a PACS or other archiving system.

Browse through our TIMS Case Studies to find out more about how TIMS is being used in hospitals today. Check out our TIMS client list and read testimonials from our customers who are using TIMS every day. We have also provided Modality and PACS connection lists to give our customers the piece of mind that TIMS does in fact connect to all medical diagnostic imaging systems.