Fluoroscopy –

Fluoroscopy is one of the most popular modalities used with TIMS. There are thousands of fluoroscopy suites in hospitals around the world, and many of these are non-DICOM. The systems are functioning very well, so there is no need to replace these systems (at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars) simply to store and review the images on PACS. TIMS is the inexpensive and high quality system that hospitals across the country are currently using to convert their fluoroscopy images to DICOM and send to PACS.

Fluoroscopy images are typically non-standard and very difficult to interface with. Most systems are unable to capture fluoroscopy images. TIMS has specialized video capture devices that are able to precisely capture diagnostic quality images from any fluoroscopy system.


Through the TIMS triggering interface, image streams are automatically captured to the TIMS system. At the completion of the study, it is sent to PACS for review anywhere on the hospital network.

With TIMS, the printing of several sheets of film per fluoroscopy procedure is eliminated. Studies can be reviewed digitally on TIMS or on the PACS system. By eliminating the use of film and its associated costs, TIMS can pay for itself in about a year.