Features & Benefits


TIMS is feature rich and the benefits to our customers far surpass any other DICOM conversion unit on the market today.

This is because TIMS is not simply a “DICOM box”, TIMS is an all-in-one DICOM System.

TIMS is a DICOM imaging platform with all of the inputs and outputs you could possibly need to solve your DICOM connectivity problems:

  • Our DICOM conversion unit captures any streaming video modality (angiography, fluoroscopy, endoscopy, etc.) and converts to DICOM at 30 frames per second or higher.
  • Convert any static video modality (CT, MR, nuclear medicine, etc.) to DICOM.
    Receive from any DICOM modality.
  • Convert any digital image or stream (JPG, BMP, PNG, AVI) to DICOM generated by other medical disciplines such as pathology, dermatology, & ophthalmology.
  • Convert scanned films to DICOM.
  • Match any of these up with the patient information from a DICOM Modality Work List for all electronic input.
  • Send to any PACS
  • Record to CD/DVD/ USB/Network
  • Print to DICOM & Windows printers
  • Send streaming digital video, voice, and DICOM files to remote consultants. Real-time teleradiology!
  • Export any study, series, or image as DICOM, AVI, and JPG for integration with reports and presentations.


With TIMS you have full control over what you send to your PACS, printer, USB, CD/DVD, or other archiving system. We give you the ability to view your acquired images and edit out any extraneous images or streams that you do not want to archive.

You also have the convenience of using TIMS with any medical modality in your facility – both static and streaming. TIMS can capture the entire study of any streaming modality. TIMS is the only system available that is capable of capturing a full video streaming study.

Unlike other DICOM conversion solutions, TIMS can even connect with your equipment that has a non-standard video signal. TIMS can connect when others fail. We guarantee this connection with any modality and any PACS. And, because TIMS uses Foresight Imaging boards, you can be assured that the resulting images are of the highest diagnostic quality available today.