Convert ANY Modality to DICOM

– Universal DICOM Converter


Yes, we do mean any modality including ultrasound, endoscopy, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, CT, MR, X-ray angiography, fluoroscopy, motion X-ray, speech pathology systems, and more. Unlike other DICOM converter boxes, TIMS can acquire from any modality that has a video signal or has a monitor. TIMS can capture from any modality because of the specialized, high technology video capture boards inside the system. Foresight Imaging has been supplying these specialized capture boards to major medical vendors such as GE, Siemens, Kodak, HeartLab, Witt Biomedical, and more for nearly 20 years. This experience allows TIMS to capture any video signal. Other solutions are limited to only standard video signals or have to publish limited compatibility lists. TIMS can calibrate to any video signal and does not have to publish a “list”.

Because TIMS is a universal DICOM converter, one TIMS system can be used for many different modalities in a hospital or department, providing that they are not in use at the same time. TIMS can also be easily moved to another modality in the hospital should the original equipment that it was connected to become obsolete. This is not possible with other DICOM converters that are limited by standard video signals.


By converting any modality, the TIMS DICOM System enables you to go digital right away and eliminate film. This saves your hospital money and eliminates the need to purchase new modalities or expensive DICOM upgrades. This translates into real savings of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for your hospital.