DICOM Image Storage with CD/DVD/USB


TIMS 2000 can record any study or studies to CD, DVD, a USB device, or a network destination. Multiple studies can be burned to a disk at one time for archiving purposes. This DICOM image storage to CD/DVD/USB is built right into the TIMS DICOM System and is included at no additional charge. A DICOM viewer is also included and can be burned along with the patient study. Many other DICOM conversion solutions do not include writable drives and therefore charge quite a bit more for this feature.

Many hospitals use the TIMS CD and DVD recording feature for temporary DICOM image storage in a pre-PACS environment, or as a more space-efficient alternative to storing film and videotape. If the hospital does decide to move to PACS in the future, the patient data can easily be uploaded for permanent storage on the PACS. In the meantime, departments can free up valuable shelf space by replacing bulky films and videotape with slim jewel cases.

Studies can also be sent to any destination via a hospital network. Most modality vendor destination charges can be quite prohibitive. With one TIMS, you can connect any modality to multiple destinations at no extra charge.


With this recording capability, TIMS allows hospitals to easily backup patient studies to removable media as well as provide a copy of the study to the patient right at the point of care. TIMS networking capability eliminates modality destination charges. TIMS CD/DVD burner enables hospitals to store patient studies in DICOM format if they are not yet connected to PACS.