TIMS DICOM Review Software

For remote review & analysis of speech pathology, endoscopy, & other medical imaging studies!

  • Remote review & analysis
  • Results in greater efficiency of the fluoroscopy & endoscopy suite
  • Work from the comfort of your office or lab
  • Custom annotations
  • DICOM & PACS connectivity
  • Add audio comments
  • Stopwatch timer
  • Archive to CD/DVD/USB/Network
  • Study editing tools
  • Import BMP, JPG, PNG, J2K, AVI
  • Export BMP, JPG, PNG, AVI
  • Customized workflows

TIMS DICOM Review Software (TDRS) is a software-only version of the TIMS DICOM System. It includes all functionality of the TIMS 2000 SP system except for image and video capture. Studies from your TIMS systems can be immediately sent from the fluoroscopy or endoscopy suite to a TDRS system anywhere on your hospital network including your office, lab area, or outpatient  facility. This provides for greater efficiency in the fluoroscopy suite, allowing more patients per day, because all review & analysis can be done in your speech pathology office or lab rather than the fluoroscopy suite. All TIMS review and analysis tools are available to you with TDRS including study editing, customized annotations, stopwatch timing, adding of audio comments, archiving to CD/DVD/USB/network, customized workflows, sending to PACS, DICOM connectivity, and much more. Additionally, if you have studies (such as pathology or ophthalmology) that are already in digital image form, they can be imported, converted to DICOM, and sent to PACS.

TDRS Workflow



Selected Features



Receive Studies from TIMS System

Send studies from your TIMS system in the fluoroscopy or endoscopy suite to your TDRS in your office, lab, or outpatient facility.  Results in greatly improved efficiency and patient throughput of the fluoroscopy suite.  Edit, annotate, review, analyze, etc. from the comfort of your own office or lab.





Customized Annotations & Labeling

Setup customized lists of items to choose from for quick and easy labeling and annotation.  Each person can have their own list, and you can always type in a new item at any time.





Study Editing & Trimming

Quick and easy editing model to reduce file sizes and remove unwanted frames.  Allows for saving of only the video frames desired.








Extensive Review & Analysis Tools
Comprehensive and feature-filled viewer including zoom, pan, scroll, frame rate control, brightness, contrast, stopwatch timer, play controls including backwards play, and much more.








Import Images & Video

For studies that are already digital, import the digital files (JPG, BMP, J2K, PNG, AVI), convert to DICOM, and send to PACS







Export Images & Video

To integrate your images or video from your studies in presentations and reports, export as BMP, JPG, PNG, and AVI.







Add Audio Comment

Add an audio comment to any image file or study.  This can be a reminder to yourself, a description of an event, or comments on your analysis.  This is stored as DICOM and included with the study.





Archive to CD/DVD/USB/Network

Archive any study or studies to CD, DVD, USB, or network attached storage.  Tools and settings are provided for automated naming of the folder with Patient ID, Study ID, accession number, etc. Perfect for delivering studies to patients, referring physicians,  and outpatient facilities.






Send to PACS, Send Portions of Study to PACS

Send the entire study, several studies, or portions of studies to PACS.  Many users choose to sometimes only send a few image files from a study to PACS.



 TIMS DICOM Review System Software System Requirements