• Live, interactive road-mapping
  • Electronically draw or telestrate on the monitor with a stylus
  • Easily annotate images during procedures
  • Use road-map to guide catheter during live fluoro
  • No parallax; view from any angle
  • Use for teaching & mentoring
  • Trainee can confidently position devices as marked by instructor
  • Send studies in DICOM to PACS with road-map & annotations
  • Fluoroscopy, Angiography, IR, Vascular Surgery

TIMS Fluoro-TRACE provides a simple method of electronically drawing or telestrating on the touch-screen monitor with a stylus to create a live, interactive road-map for any fluoroscopy, angiography, interventional radiology, or vascular procedure. The resulting road-map can then be used to more easily guide a catheter or perform an intervention using un-subtracted fluoro. This can significantly reduce actual fluoro time. The road-map is drawn electronically using simple graphic overlay techniques. The physician has full control of the overlay:  he can change the color, change the line thickness, erase portions, erase all, and interactively turn the overlay on or off. He can annotate the image to indicate where devices should be placed for a trainee. Since the road-map is drawn electronically, there is no parallax. The road-map can be seen accurately from any angle. The graphic road-map and annotations are saved with the video images as DICOM studies and can be sent to PACS so that a record of the study can be archived for later analysis or training. Included with TIMS Fluoro-TRACE are all the capabilities of the TIMS DICOM System. This includes the ability to save studies to CD/DVD/USB or any network destination, as well as print images to any DICOM or Windows printer. Studies can be reviewed directly on the system. Studies or individual images or runs can be saved as AVI, JPG, or BMP for integration into presentations and reports.