Version 3.1 Features

TIMS DICOM System v3.1

The TIMS DICOM System version 3.1 adds several new and powerful features and workflow items to enhance the TIMS user experience. These features are focused on the speech pathology and endoscopy markets. Version 3.1 is available for TIMS systems running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit operating system only. Below is a list of the main features introduced with TIMS version 3.1:

Major New Features:

  • User rights operation: allows any Windows user to run TIMS or TDRS.
  • TIMS DICOM Receive Service: This is a separate Windows service that provides the capability to receive studies even when the user is logged out or the computer is locked. Studies are received by the service and then “swept” into TIMS or TDRS when the user starts the application. This is especially useful in speech pathology applications where the TDRS system is in the speech pathology office or lab and may be locked or logged off when a study is sent to it from the fluoroscopy suite.
  • Advanced Viewer Improvements: Workflow: new button layout, toggle for play/pause, zoom to view button, and more.
  • View setting to pre-load video, not pre-load video for playback.
  • Archive to Network improvements: navigation to subfolders and creation of new folders.
  • Edit study icon in toolbar and in the Edit Menu so the user can edit an open study. Previously, had to do this by going to the Open Study list first.

More Features

  • Allow Mark View to Send while in Amend Descriptions mode prior to save.
  • Increase maximum number of Views across from 8 to 10.
  • Preference change for New Study setting from “Open max views on new study” to “Open # of views on new study”. Setting from 1-10.
  • Change Send Study keyboard short cut from F2 to Ctrl + F2. Changed so cannot accidentally Save Study while using F3 while editing
  • Overlay display of Series Description improved in Advanced Viewer.
  • Edit study issues resolved when using SC or OT channel with GE Centricity.
  • Quick Reference Card changed to show keyboard shortcuts. Also, included on Desktop upon install.
  • ESC now cancels out of Channel Configuration dialog.
  • Pop-up messages regarding DICOM sends if failures are in DSS.
  • Better, more random UID generation.
  • Updated user manuals to reflect v3.1 changes. Added scheduled maintenance information.

Note: TIMS v3.1 is available only for TIMS systems running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit operating system. For current TIMS users running the Windows XP platform, please contact a TIMS sales representative.

For current TIMS customers looking to upgrade to the new TIMS v3.x hardware platform, please contact your TIMS sales representative. Or email us using the Contact Us form.