Version 3.3 Features


Version 3.3.4000 released April 2019:


1)      Improved Series Description tool allows labels to be applied at any time without closing dialog box. Screen Shot
2)      TIMS Training Videos and Tutorial PDF now available directly within TIMS software from new Help Menu. Screen Shot
3)      Added new naming convention, “Study Date + Patient ID + Last Name”, when archiving studies to a folder. Screen Shot


Version 3.3.3500 released June 2018:


1)      Measurement with calibration:  line segment, freehand, area, angle Screen Shot  Screen Shot
2)      Save entire study as one AVI file Screen Shot
3)      Include Series Description (label) as overlay on export to AVI, image file, etc. Screen Shot
4)      Display Series Description (label) in any of the four corners of the image  Screen Shot  Screen Shot
5)      Copy image to clipboard from Advanced Viewer Screen Shot
6)      Drag & Drop image from Advanced Viewer to other Windows programs Screen Shot
7)      Negative and positive time in stopwatch timer Screen Shot
8)      Save Series Descriptions as TXT file (i.e. Series 1, Series 2) including custom descriptions.  Can be used as the basis for creating a simple reporting file.   Screen Shot  Screen Shot
9)      Open current study in DICOM Viewer from main menu Screen Shot
10)    Updated DICOM Viewer

Version 3.3 of the TIMS DICOM System & TDRS released November 2017!

  • Windows 10 support
  • Number of studies and available hard drive space displayed in the title bar of the Study List. Screen Shot
  • Option to export image and view from the Advanced Viewer with telestrations (much like with Area of Interest). Screen Shot
  • Label changes to Frame Range Editing buttons to make more descriptive. Screen Shot
  • Red border around Live Preview Window, via Preference, when capturing video. Screen Shot
  • View Deletion: Now available “Mark View to Delete”. Available in File Menu, right click menu, and in the Edit Series Description window. Screen Shot
  • Ability to change the Study Date & Study Time of a study in Update Patient Information.
  • Default of the DMWL query window is now wider to better show Study Description entry.
  • DICOM Send Service & DICOM Storage Commit now implemented as Windows Services.
  • Auto-deletion, via Preference, of very short audio files. Screen Shot
  • Number of Views supported increased to 175.
  • Small window dialog box implemented when doing Send Study with multiple DICOM send destinations available. Screen Shot
  • Preference for numbers of Views across on Study Open. Screen Shot
  • Automatically truncate when Series Description or Study Description entry exceeds 64 characters. Screen Shot
  • New DICOM Viewer for 1080p 30 fps playback. Screen Shot

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