TIMS Medical

TIMS Mobile Consultant

View Live Medical Modality Video on Mobile Smart Phones!

  1. View live diagnostic imaging & surgical procedures on mobile smart phones
  2. Static images & motion video
  3. Medical Images – Anytime, Anywhere
  4. Multiple sources & multiple smart phone clients
  5. Secure, encrypted delivery


    1. Instant access by sub-specialty consultants
    2. Live teaching, training, & mentoring
    3. Live monitoring
    4. Mobile phones and tablets

TIMS Mobile Consultant is a breakthrough mobile application that enables physicians and consultants to view any live diagnostic imaging or surgical procedure on smart phones. This includes live ultrasound, fluoroscopy, OR endoscopy, surgical cameras, CT, MR, angiography, cardiac imaging, and much more. TIMS Mobile Consultant allows healthcare providers to have real-time access to the live studies, enabling the concept of “Medical Images–Anytime, Anywhere.” Consulting physicians can participate in medical procedures from outside the hospital or outside their home. No longer are they tied to the hospital network or any physical network at all. With TIMS Mobile Consultant, live medical video is available right on their mobile phones or tablets. Multiple video sources are supported, allowing consulting physicians and sub-specialty radiologists to quickly switch between video sources right from their mobile smart phones. With TIMS Mobile Consultant, physicians can provide intraoperative tele-monitoring or tele-mentoring from virtually anywhere. All communications and images are transmitted using secure, encrypted delivery over a HIPAA-compliant communications platform, optimized for the highest mobile performance with patent-pending technology.