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TIMS Medical Video Platform 4.0

Record, Edit, Review, Archive, Collaborate

TIMS MVP is the fourth generation medical imaging software platform from TIMS Medical built for speed, productivity, & the completion of clinical medical video work now.  TIMS MVP is built from the ground up to work the way you want:  with high performance, speed, and the ultimate in workflow productivity.  TIMS MVP works with all medical video applications including speech pathology, FEES, endoscopy, fluoroscopy, cardiac imaging, surgical cameras, and much more.

TIMS MVP does all you would expect in a high performance medical video system:

Product line

TIMS 500:  for endoscopy & general medical imaging, single frame capture; desktop setup.  Includes TIMS Medical video capture workstation,

TIMS 2000 EN:  endoscopy, surgery, general medical imaging, motion video capture

TIMS 2000 SP:  speech pathology, FEES, fluoroscopy, motion video capture with synced audio

TIMS Review:  in